They say these things are like riding a bike. You never forget the onion's slow transformation to translucence in the pan, waiting for the right consistency for tomato sauce, or how thin to julienne a carrot for that pickle. All these things are little nodes of experience I am coming back to after two years of teaching high school. Even though I loved the kids and my work I was so stressed-out, I was not even interested in cooking! That says a lot for someone who uses eating and preparing food to relieve the increasing pressures of modern living. But now, after deciding not to go back to teaching, I feel like my little skills of how long to toast almonds versus walnuts under the broiler, or what to substitue in pesto for expensive pine nuts... all these little bits of information are creeping back into my consciousness. I have been cooking for many years on my own, but what has rekindled my imagination has been working with a few cooks at OAEC (The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center). They are gathering recipes and pictures to put out a cook book soon, and I am super excited! More on cooking sure to come soon... 



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